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Programme Structure

Programme Structure

The Sustainable Urban Design (SUDes) master's programme is divided into four semesters that build upon each other to give students experience working with multiple scales and perspectives. The evolutionary nature of the programme allows for students to focus on one of the multiple sets of conversations that inform urban design today and build their skills toward being a professional urban designer.

At the center of SUDes design based teaching approach are the programs three design studios. These studios are designed to transform theory into tangible projects while giving students the opportunity to experiment with alternative design approaches and communication techniques.

All of the design studios strive for visionary thinking within the context of a specific design challenge, the design site, and built examples. In order to inspire students and help them develop their critical eye, the design studios are all complemented by an associated theory course and a complementary subject course. Study trips, conferences, and guest lectures augment the curriculum. The language of instruction for all courses is English.

For a degree of Master of Science in Sustainable Urban Design students must successfully complete courses comprising 120 credits, including a degree project worth 30 credits. 

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