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Urban Quality and Urban Form

Urban Quality and Urban Form | Subject Course ASBN45 (7,5hec)

Subject Course

This lecture-based course is composed of a series of lectures from specialists and professionals working in various fields and streams related to urban design, and is intended to encourage students to delve deeper into understanding the various components of urban design. Tuition is in the form of lectures, seminars and individual thesis work. The course’s focus on artistically advanced urban design is aimed at inspiring and developing the student’s creative design ability.


The aim of the course is to develop the student’s ability to understand, analyze and evaluate artistic aspects and means of expression related to urban design. The course also aims to develop the students’ ability, both orally and in writing, to integrate theoretical knowledge and a humanistic perspective in their reflections around the design related aspects of urban environments. A further aim of the course is to expand the students’ frames of reference relating to urban design projects. 

Credits: 7,5 hec

Course Leader: Andreas Olsson

Course Examiner: Peter Siöström

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