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Urban Dynamics - Theory and Methods

Urban Recycling - Theory and Methods | Theory Seminar ASBN41 (7,5hec)

Theory Seminar

Integrated into the Sustainable Urban Dynamics design studio, this seminar and lecture based course exposes students to readings and discussions related to the global forces shaping modern urbanization, the cultural context and history of China, and innovative case studies in sustainable urban design. Throughout the course, lectures are invited to discuss their working experiences in China and share their unique visions for the development of more sustainable cities in a global context. Additionally, seminars are composed and spread throughout the semester to integrate theoretical readings and practice. The seminar readings are selected to aid in the development of the studio project and are coordinated with the studios design process to provide timely inspiration.


The aim of the course is to enhance the student’s orientation regarding current trends in the theory and practice of urban design. The aim is also to make the student become well acquainted with current research on sustainable urban development. In addition, this course sets out to dis - cuss urban theories and relate these to various design strategies from a questioning and analytical perspective.


This course is obligatory for those participating in ASBN31 Sustainable Urban Recycling.

Credits: 7,5hec

Course Leader: Andreas Olsson

Course Examiner: Peter Siöström

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