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Urban Processes

Urban Process | Subject Course ASBN36 (7,5hec)

Subject Course

Urban Process focuses on learning to understand the processes and actors involved in making plans become reality and buildings being realized. The content of the course lies primarily in the charting and analysis of the actors, factors and events that influence current urban development projects. The following themes are covered in the subject course: Urban Design Tools - Legislation and Planning, Hidden Design Factors - Money and technique giving form, Town Renewal Processes, Stakeholder participation, Dialogue in planning for Sustainability, The architect as developer, Design Dialogue. The students are also provided with an overview of the control mechanisms that influence Swedish and to a certain extent international planning processes. Tuition is mainly in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops and study visits. The work is carried out and presented in the form of assignment.


The aim of the course is to deepen the students’ knowledge about the implementation of projects fostering sustainable urban development and to enhance their ability to reflect critically about possesses of urban change. This course also aims to deepen the students’ insight and ability to analyse critically the actors, driving forces and control mechanisms associated with urban design. This is primarily achieved by the qualified analysis of projects that have been implemented.

Credits: 7,5hec

Course Leader: Laleh Foroughanfar and Andrew Karvonen 

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