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Urban Landscape - Theory and Methods

Urban Recycling - Theory and Methods | Theory Seminar ASBN06 (7,5hec)

Theory Seminar

This course deals primarily with the theoretical premises for sustainable design related to the natural and cultural landscapes. Tuition is mainly in the form of lectures and seminars. The work is carried out and presented in the form of assignments closely related to the design task in course ASBN02 Sustainable Urban Recycling.


The course sets out to develop the students’ knowledge of the theoretical premises for sustainable design in rural and urban contexts as well as in transition zones. A further aim is to expand the students’ knowledge about the prerequisites and problem structures related to landscape design and knowledge about methods for qualified landscape analysis. In addition, the objective is to enhance the students’ ability to reflect critically about current trends with regard to rural development, and the landscape as a resource for recreation and outdoor life in a regional perspective.


This course is obligatory for those participating in ASBN16 Sustainable Urban Landscape.

Credits: 7,5hec

Studio Leader: Louise Lövenstierne

Course Examiner: Peter Siöström

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