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Climate Smart Architecture and Urban Design

Climate Smart Architecture and Urban Design | Subject Course ABAN15 (7,5hec)

Subject Course 

The course deals with the relation between the built environment and climate issues on micro and macro level as well as their relation to energy use. Through creative assignments it highlights and explores the potential of renewable energy use such as solar heating, solar electricity and wind power. Using architectural tools, the students will also investigate how innovative and creative urban design solutions can contribute to minimized energy use for transport and prevent negative climate impact


The aim of the course is to give students the possibility to explore how an adequate design of buildings and groups of buildings can minimize negative impact on the climate. It also aims at supporting students’ learning on how the built environment in different climates is affected by the microclimate, vegetation, orientation etc. Moreover the aim is to highlight the impact of people's attitude and behaviour towards climate and energy issues.

Credits: 7,5hec

Course Leader: Erik Johansson

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