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Lund University

Sustainable Urban Design Programme

School of Architecture, Lund University

Urbanization is one of the great challenges of our time and unchecked haphazard urbanization is a serious threat to both the environment and the social and economic balance.  There is a global consensus that urbanization must be channelled into responsible, sustainable, and liveable urban forms.  High quality urban design plays a key role in creating these sustainable living environments.  

In consequence, there is a steadily growing demand for highly educated professionals in the field of sustainable urban design, and a demand for responsive education.  The disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and city planning are all considered in urban design.

For urban design to be a sustainable and responsible practice, a dynamic education for architects and designers is necessary.  Learning from culture and history, and searching together for new ways of designing, the Sustainable Urban Design programme at LTH, Lund University provides a leading education in this critical, architectural discipline. 

View the [sustainable urban design programme guide] for more information.

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