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SEED01 Student Competition

SEED 01 was a collaborative student competition, launched in summer 2017, that called for projects and ideas that contribute to the sustainable place making and the everyday urban life. Responding to the ongoing discussions about the sustainable future of the LTH Campus (Lunds Tekniska Högskola) in Lund and the implementation of the new tram line in the city, the student competition seeks ideas on one of the most crucial places in the LTH Campus - area surrounding the Students’ House Kårhuset, including the future tram stop Universitetsplatån.

The Universitetsplatån is located in the heart of the campus around the Students’ House Kårhuset and will become an important entry point for the whole area when the new tram line is implemented and the tram station is developed. The synergic effects of the new public transportation link with the campus bring a great opportunity for rethinking the whole area and igniting the sustainable transformation of the campus through the urban design.

SEED 01 was organised by SUDes (Sustainable Urban Design Master’s Program at the School of Architecture, LTH, Lund University) to bring together new ideas from students of architecture and urban design from all over the world and contribute to the ongoing discussions about the sustainable future of our cities.

1st Prize

1st Prize of 20 000SEK was awarded to project The Point Zero by Effrosyni Stamopoulou and Elva Nano.

2nd Prize

2nd Prize of 10 000SEK was awarded to project Pulsating Vision by Parvaty Balagopal and Jakob Norén.

3rd Prize

3rd Prize of 5 000SEK was awarded to project LTH 2.0 by Yaroslava Korchagina.

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